Sales vs Authenticity??

I’ve preached the importance of corporate authenticity before but do as I say – not as I do? I think as a sales professional it’s hard to have true authenticity. The title of “sales” is holding us back as an industry – it has such a sour connotation. Time for a change – Christina L. Greene – Real Estate Investment Concierge, Purchase Assistant or maybe Home Shopping Expert.

As I get deeper into the new media world I find myself shedding some old habits. Before sales professionals were cheered for having the ability to hold the “game face” throughout a transaction. But now it’s more about being authentic, being true to ones self, being comfortable with transparency, presenting the information with facts rather then the 100% opinion (although having an opinion is important – but support it with facts).

It’s funny my first line when I take out a new client is “a. I will always be honest and tell you what I think of a property, even if it’s bad and b. I drive like a bat out of hell – put on your seat belt”. Agents in my office thought I was shooting myself in the foot by being so forward and honest with my clients. But that’s just me – I’m forward, funny and even a little bitchy at times.

Secret – *whispers* “try being yourself, it might actually work for you”.

About 5 years ago I had a chat with a fellow agent in the office who said my honest approach with buyers was a breach of contract (Massachusetts state law) to the opposing seller and what was the purpose of disclosing so much information if it was going to hinder the transaction and therefore my paycheck.

Are you kidding? Sorry to break the news – but yes many agents think this way.

If I as much as buy a pair of shoes that are defective I want my money back. Hell if I’m going to be liable for the sale of a defective house. It’s “disclosure” if I tell you it’s broken and you buy it anyway then hey I said my peace – and can get to sleep tonight.

Since buyer agency has become all the rage giving full disclosure to buyers is “sometimes” mandatory now. My approach is catching on, but with horrible discomfort. Brokers are waiting until the end of the transaction to slip a disclosure sheet across the table with a grin “oh by the way” kind of attitude. Then a sheet with $$$$ slips back across the table with the buyer demanding the price be dropped. Consumers are getting smarter folks – it would be good for us to as well.

I have countless letters from clients sent into my corporate office cheering my personality, attitude, and fun nature. How spending time buying or selling their home was fun rather then a chore. Shouldn’t it be? Why would anyone want it to be any less?

If you love what you sell this shouldn’t be so hard.

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