Top 5 tweets I wish I tweeted this week

I’m really not cranking these posts out fast enough huh? It’s been busy on the Flossberg farm. So let’s catch up with what I missed – updates I should have posted to twitter.

Top 5 tweets I wish I tweeted – 9/30/07

5. Home from work to roomie special of crab & corn chowder. This roommate gig might not suck after all.

4. i’m so sad i missed all the fun at pme – can someone please send a tp

3. created slnn group on facebook – you must join or die *cackles*

2. it’s scandalous ppl in sl like this that make us all look bad.

1. Great Conversation – fantastic chat w/ @tdefren re: the effects of new media & social networking on the pr industry.

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