my family history

While working today I realized I’ve shared very little about my family background in this blog.  So here is a quick list of me. 

  1. my father is the eldest of 21. 
  2. 21 – I’m not kidding
  3. yes, from one mother. 
  4. no, there were not any twins.
  5. yes, she delivered most (if not all) natural birth.
  6. therefore my father is an amazing man with crazy stories and experiences. 
  7. he reminds me of Bill Cosby.
  8. well minus the dr. part and plus farmer joe?
  9. my mother is a city girl.
  10. i think that’s where I get it.
  11. i have 2 siblings
  12. older brother & younger sister
  13. my sister was a foster child when i was 13 and she was 3
  14. we then later adopted her
  15. no, this is not something we talk about much in the family
  16. but it’s an experience i cherish
  17. my brother was always the “favorite”
  18. he says i was
  19. this difference in opinion came out (loudly) at thanksgiving dinner a few years ago
  20. and of course has not been mentioned since
  21. i have some close relation to jews
  22. yea no clue why
  23. but my life mentors and those i closely respect have all been older female jews
  24. i love them
  25. maybe the black and jew thing hand in hand
  26. similar struggle?
  27. yea that sounds like a pile of crap to me too
  28. i went to BU for music
  29. classical
  30. how did a black farm girl get into classical?
  31. i ask myself that (LOL)
  32. but my parents told me my brother had football – so i needed to find my way to college too
  33. the family land (sorta farm) was what my fathers side was given after the slavery times
  34. 7 acres and a mule?
  35. i don’t know what happened to the mule
  36. i kinda wonder if they got one

That’s it for now. 

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