Twitter Updates for 2007-10-08

  • neglecting my twit again =( #
  • @rhiannonsl all the good stuff for boston startup are sold out #
  • nice correction post for last weeks mis-step by racepoint #
  • @rhiannonsl girl i already know how to cook – but ok only since it’s with you #
  • @rhiannonsl has a way of talking me into stuff – she’s my gateway drug #
  • @fithlyfluno you’re going to be in the city and you aint tell me – HURT!!! #
  • redecorating myroom on facebook #
  • @frans really does love @rhiannonsl and I – he just pretends not to #
  • why does it take so long to get some stuff done…..grrrrr #
  • twitt marketers on the rise – funny how easy it is not to follow them – i wonder if they have a plan b #
  • @cc_chapman can you rub some of that off on me? i’ve been working on the same thing all day #
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