New Media Analogy

I always find myself saying there are no experts in New Media rather different levels of involvement.  We all (yes “we” means you) make up this space together.  What makes it so much fun, addictive and challenging?  There are no rules of engagement.  We choose what best suits our needs and our level of involvement. 

Yesterday, fairly on the spot, I thought of a great analogy for New Media.  Time and time again I hear it referred to as the next step in marketing.  For that to be true there would need to be a concrete definition of New Media.  Have you ever heard any two experts give the same definition?  I find it’s better referred to as an “escalator ride” – ride giving the assumption of movement. 

This escalator consists of many steps; 

- early stages of learning and understanding the uses of new media

- watching, listening, and learning from others around us (communities)

- personal involvement through blogging, podcasting, etc

- uses to improve, grow, and nurture ones business

- the followers

- the explorers

- the trend setters

- then somewhere on the ride you have the chris brogan’s who run up and down the escalator learning the next steps then coming back and tutoring the rest of us

(just to list a few)

This isn’t one of those escalators in the financial district with a strict flow of traffic – move to the right if you want just ride or push to the left to walk up as it’s moving.  It’s a community of socialites who mingle and encourage everyone else while progressing their own personal flow. 

Do you have to take one step at a time?  No – jump up three steps, fall back to the bottom to pick up a friend – then make your way back up. 

Hovering at the bottom watching everyone else play?  That’s ok too. 

We’re all pioneers waiting to see where this ride will take us.  2008 is going to be steep.  I’m so excited to see where the ride takes us and to conquer that next step (steps).  I ask everyone to keep two thoughts at the forefront of your mind.  One – where are you on the ride?  Two – what can you do to challenge yourself and challenge those around you to progress on the escalator?

To sum it up:  New Media is not a step – It’s a ride!  You coming? 

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2 Responses to “New Media Analogy”

  1. I think it’s an excellent analogy. A lot going on, and a lotta smart people like you putting stuff into action + tryin to figure out how it works. Loved your writing too.

  2. Tara5 Oh says:

    Hi Christina – Eeek I tagged you! Gwyn, Hamlet and Onder hit me with the “evil meme!”

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