Less Trash-Talkin’ and more Trivia

This post should be coming after announcing my work with The Advance Guard – but I’m known for doing things backwards. It’s coming…don’t worry.

It seems I was out played in trivia during a few rounds in the morning, both yesterday and today, using our client’s service TriviaOnNet.com. I admit trash talkin’ is my forte, although maybe my mouth got a bit too big for my britches this time. It’s not my fault though, you put a competition in front of anyone with a twitter account and funny things are bound to happen. Who knew social media peeps be smart? With Scott Monty (actually on a quiz show in highschool – CHEATER), CC Chapman, Whitney Hoffman (super smart cookie), and Jeff Ledoux (king of the trash talk, but able to back it up) pounding out rounds with close to no mistakes – I really didn’t have much of a chance. I did get an interesting comment back today from one of the triviaonnet regulars that our group brought forth a nice challenge for him. See it’s not just me those guys are super smart.

All in all it was a great time. A good way to get the morning started, mixed well with a few cups of coffee. There is talk of an evening re-match, stay tuned to our facebook group for details. Cocktails Mandatory!

Quick thank you to all that came out to play. I’ve been getting some great feedback on the app – keep it comin’.

Other great morning trivia posts:

Till next time……I’ll be hiding in the corner brushing up on my 80′s music and sports trivia.

Update: How could I have forgotten to link our handy dandy SMPR for TriviaOnNet.com. Enjoy!

Picture Credit: Emerie May

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8 Responses to “Less Trash-Talkin’ and more Trivia”

  1. Greg says:

    TriviaOnNet needs to get a free play arena set up so us Iowans can play. Our stupid laws mean that I can’t play, and that irks me.

  2. Do one of these at a time I’m not at work, and I’ll crush everyone.

  3. Ann Marie Mathis (aka Emerie May) says:

    Was a great time, really fun! The trash talk was my favorite part, especially because my scores were go low >_

  4. Christina says:

    Greg – We were playing on the free version , which they are in the works opening up to the states that don’t allow for the paid version.

    Crap (aka Laurence) – I’ll let you know, but don’t beat me too hard.

    Ann Marie – Girl hush, you were beating my butt pretty hard too. All you smarties need to take a dumb pill before the next game. =) hehe

  5. Scott Monty says:

    Wait – Whit gets called a super smart cookie but I’m a CHEATER? C’mon! That was decades ago. Plus, most of these questions were on topics that happened since then. :-P

  6. Whitney says:

    Hey Scott- Bring it on!!!!! Any day dude… (Trash talk is kinda fun)
    This was great fun- thanks Christina- it made for a really fun day!

  7. Christina says:

    awwww man she called you dude…..you gonna take that?

  8. Greg says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait. Please let me know when they take it public.

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