Oprah.com – A New Earth Web Event

Amazing and some what disappointing at the same time. The event started at 9pm, so I eagerly took my seat at 8:30 (Oprah refers to it as her classroom, and the login button says ‘take a seat’). Prerequisites for today’s class: print out the new earth companion guide/workbook and download the move media player.

All was well for the first 15min before problems with the video connection began. But the majority of parts I did see were AMAZING!

The opening Post-it commercial did give me a little chuckle. After an inspiring 30 mins of preview material and introduction to the book, a poorly placed post-it ad wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

I’ve said before with my post regarding Oprah’s youtube channel, that I didn’t feel she quite got social media. Oprah’s all over the place, who knew she had an xm radio show. Maybe social media just isn’t her spot? Well….she (or her people) are starting to figure it out, and I applaud her willingness to try.

With the help of skype, which is now going to be a household name, she conferenced in live questions from people watching the class and as the picture above shows a literal class gathered in an IL Borders. The only element missing, although completely out of the question with this size audience, was live chat.

So there is a good question. How on earth do you prepare for the largest online webinar/conference/class audience in the history of the net?

You can’t. But now that you know what to expect, let’s hope things run more smoothly next time. I sure it’s not my Oprah’s fault (or her people) that things were rough for us viewers, who are these move media folks?

Tonight’s session will be available for download tomorrow at oprah.com. 9 more sessions to go, I’ll post more after next weeks session.

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5 Responses to “Oprah.com – A New Earth Web Event”

  1. Margaret says:

    I loved the Post-it(R)ad. Cute!

  2. Suzie Kielar says:

    I signed up for this web event. Clicked on the link to the event in my email and kept trying for 1.5 hours and never did get connected! What a disappointment…I missed the big event…A NEW EARTH! That sucked my joy of that present moment :(

  3. Christina says:

    Suzie I’m really hoping it gets pulled together by next weeks class. Word on the street (aka twitter) 1.1 million people logged on tonight.

  4. marilyn steele says:

    I watched the first 6 broadcasts and lost interest due to the poor quality of broken dialogue that drove me nuts as the speech was slow in coming across the internet and was annoying to say the least. sorry about that.

  5. Barbara Fuhrwerk says:

    I am looking for a copy of the poem LOST by David Wagoner that Oprah uses at the beginning of Chapter 5 on the pain body…who can help me find it?

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