Oprah’s Book Club Introduces A New Earth Web Event

What will surely be the largest webinar to date. Oprah.com is hosting an online class around the teachings for Eckhart Tolle’s Book ‘A New Earth’, also author of ‘Power Of Now’.

Tonight Oprah and Eckhart will discuss Chapter One. Participants have been instructed to not only download the proper viewer, but also print out a workbook to use while in the 90min class.

I’m of course signed up and ready to go. I love Oprah way too much not to be i attendance. I’m excited to see what she’s up to, I’ll be sure to report back after class.
clipped from event.oprah.com
Welcome to Class

Hundreds of thousands of you are signed up for Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s 90-minute live Web event! You’ve emailed us from around the world. You’re healing, forgiving and awakening to your own life’s purpose.

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