America’s Young Cooks Have Spoken

photo credit . food network

Justin Warner “rebel with a culinary cause” has just been announced the Food Networks “Next Food Network Star”.  With over 4 million total votes, received via mediums such as Facebook, it is clear the young cooks of America have spoken.

With a quirky youthful and fun style, think lovable, maybe a little less akward, baby Alton, Justin will be a refreshing addition and further push the network to becoming a household name.  In my house it’s either local news or food network.  It’s more then cooking, the Food Network has made food (not that my bottom line needs it) a fun, social, and tv worthy experience.

Thank you for giving us a voice, it was clear the network had faith in all of the finalist in order to allow the facebook fans to speak…but…thank you.

Gone are the traditional days of Julia Child and I look forward to see what Justin has in store.  No matter what it is, I know it will be fun, out of the box and yet another reason for me to keep this as my favorite channel.

Alton’s team was nicknamed “the nerds” and boy have we spoken.   Geek Squad Out.

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