This blog is the collection of my experiences – raw & unedited.  My life, my family, my projects, my journey, it’s all here.  ENTER with CAUTION.

I’m a passionate marketing consultant with my hands in everything.  The web, more directly new media, has changed my life and interrupted all plans of being normal and sane.

With an eye for creativity and a heart for new media I have become recognized for my concise views and opinions. After studying classical music performance at Boston University, my love for being on stage, collaboration and networking led to a successful career in real estate.  With years of award winning sales experience behind me I eagerly share my close understanding for consumer relations, sales and marketing.

Everything in life is marketing – work, school, relationships, family, at any given point in your day you are “marketing” to get over a hurdle and reach your goals. “Being successful in marketing consists of 3 things: Time, Spirit, and Contacts.  Time to be involved.   Spirit to stay focused.   Contacts to tell you what you missed when you ran out of time and spirit.

For those visiting this page for marketing advice…no one knows it all.  Emerging media is the ever evolving collection of everyone’s experiences.

Find – Follow – Connect – Community – Discuss – Challenge – Share – Evoke – Play

These words express the demands of today’s consumer. Looking for a new way to “join the conversation”?  Consider this a check list.   Consumers are getting smarter.  With less time, less money, greater choices, and greater costs – it’s a challenge to get noticed.

Find their paths – Follow their interests – Connect via friends – build a Community - Discuss everything and anything – Challenge their minds – Share your experiences – Evoke emotion – have fun and Play.

Please feel free to comment as you read through my blog. The good, the bad, and the ugly, let’s discuss.



Christina combines her passion for learning and teaching together in all of her experiences.  Working behind powerful marketing campaigns for clients such as HBO, Coca Cola, Verizon Fios and American Eagle while along side leading marketing brains and agencies, Christina has a very distinct level of skills and knowledge that challenges her to push harder and strive for more.

Stay tuned here as Christina brings marketing content and topics to light and shares her path while embarking as Partner and Chief Creative Thinker of lilyMEDIA.

Be Inspired.

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